Paint Up | The Rejuvenation

The Massaad Stairs of Mar Mikhael have been an iconic gem of Beirut, dating back to the early 20th Century. Back then they were covered with sea stones, and in the ’50s were built in cement, as a staircase which served as a crossway for its surrounding neighborhoods. In 2012, the stairs took on another transformation when a group of street artists & designers brought the public together to paint the steps in a vibrancy of colors; a testament to the livelihood of Beirut, despite its broken buildings and conflict.

In the 3 years that followed, the Massaad Stairs evolved from being a Lebanese landmark to a global one, bringing the streets of Beirut the sense of pride and artistic belonging it deserved. Media and news outlets embraced the stairs as one of the most beautiful in the world, and Lebanese people and tourists alike flocked to it, filling it with their laughter, their gatherings, and their joy. News of a possible demolition of the stairs caused national outrage, to the extent where even a major construction project was put to a halt, and the Massaad Stairs were registered as a national treasure, restricting anyone from having the authority to destroy it.

Now, 3 years later, we intend to uplift it yet again, to give the faded colors back their life, and refuel this landmark that has touched so many people in Beirut, and around the world. And again, we intend to do it with all of you by our side, with whatever talent, expression, and energy you have to give.

Sponsored by:
Colortek Kassaa

Huge shout-out to:
C U NXT SAT The Inse(k)t – Let’s Play Records – Live Love Beirut– Wrap’n’Roll – Bishop’s Kitchen – Radio Beirut

Acoustic band members:
Kevin, Daniella, Chris, Oliver, & Hicham

The Lovely Neighbors:
Siham & Jean