Paint Up | Kalimat Group

Dihzahyners were commissioned by Kalimat Group to PaintUp a 12-meter long mural, of a visual tongue twister, conceptualized by the incredibly talented illustrator, Hanane Kai. The mural was brought to life for the Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran 2017 | Beirut , and is nested at the top of the Vendome Stairs, in Mar Mikhael. Thank you to all who participated, in piecing this masterpiece together!

Tongue twisters lead to an amusing auditory confusion. This original mural is a visual interpretation of that. The juxtaposition of shapes, colors, and words creates a game of discovery that’s as fun as confusing as the tongue twister it represents.


Concept & Illustration: Hanane Kai


Based on the Tongue Twister Book

Published by: Kalimat Group

Illustrated by: Hanane Kai

Mural Execution: Dihzahyners

Mural Paint: Colortek