Paint Up | Beauitfying Naba’a

Beautifying Naba’a is a project that will work to bring together Syrian & Lebanese youth, from the ages of 15-18, in the areas of Naba’a and Bourj Hammoud. The project will be launched through a first event where the youth & Paint Up will start with a simple painting activity to invite community members to participate and share their aspirations on a ‘Wall of expression’. Following the launch, the youth will participate in a series of workshops, led by top artists, where they will learn the painting techniques and plan the upcoming painting activities. They will also receive training sessions on non-violent communication and brainstorm on ways to express themselves through art in their communities. The youth will work closely with local talents to ensure that they benefit from these workshops, and in parallel with they will, with the help of the trainers, organize live painting days to execute what they have learned. These will take place in identified locations in Naba’a and will also invite community members to participate. Every painting day will be publicized in advance through posters in key locations, on social media, and using the networks of the youth who will invite their friends and families.

In closing, a final painting event will be organized by Paint Up, the artist trainers, and the kids whereby the public, schools, and organizations in the region, as well as bloggers and media, can participate. There will also be entertainment, food, and other activities for attendees. Interviews and photography will take place, as well as a videographer to capture all the activities and progress throughout to increase the visibility of the youth work on social media and mainstream media and promote a better image of the neighborhood. Through this activity, we hope to provide youth and community members with opportunities to engage in nonviolent self-expression and foster positive interaction between residents of an underprivileged and strained neighborhood.

Thank you to all the volunteers, friends, families, and collaborators who came together to make this event so beautiful. There were so many smiles in one place!


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